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    TomcatClusteringCache Integration with CAS

    Scott Marshall Newbie

      We are implementing CAS 3.2.1 into a JBOSS 4.0.2 server and we want to cluster the ticket registry.

      The documentation I find online is all about about clustering using Tomcat alone and creating your own TreeCache.

      Is there a way I can get CAS to use the integrated TomcatClusteringCache within Jboss? It seems like it would be wiser to use that cache vs. creating a new one on your. I am have troubles finding how to configure CAS to do this.

      thanks for any help correcting my mistakes or guiding me in a better direction.

      - SM

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          Brian Stansberry Master

          From that wiki page, I see

          <bean id="cache" class="org.jasig.cas.util.JBossCacheFactoryBean">
           <property name="configLocation"
           value="classpath:jbossTicketCacheReplicationConfig.xml" />

          Sounds like you'd need to write a similar class that finds the existing TomcatClusteringCache in JMX rather than instantiating one using a config file on the classpath.

          You'd need to make sure the cache config CAS wants is the same as the TomcatClusteringCache's; if not not a good idea to try to make them use the same cache.