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    Running multiple jboss servers

    praveena chalamcharla Newbie


      I want to run multiple jboss servers on a single machiene, for testing clustering. I have copied the JBOSS_HOME content in different folders and changed the port numbers at server.xml of jboss5/server/all/deploy/jboss-web.deployer, for every folder of jboss_home I have created. But, I could not run all the instances parallely.
      Please let me know, If I need to do any other modification to be done?

      PS: My target is to run multiple Jboss servers(jboss1,jboss2, jboss3, jboss4) on machine 1 and few more(jboss5, jboss6) on machine 2.

      I expect that, the workers.properties file in the httpd 2.0.63 server to be modified. Let me know that.

      Please let me know where I might have gone wrong.

      Thank you.