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    Sticky sessions not working properly

    Naren Dhar Newbie


      I have enabled sticky sessions in the workers.properties, I have two nodes running on the same machine, I used Apache mod_jk as loadbalancer. I want to test session replication.
      When I make the application as distributable the loadbalancer forwards the request to one node one time and to the next node next time(the lbfactor for both the nodes is set to 1), I was assuming as the sticky sessions are enabled it should always hit the same node until it is unavailable. Also, I observed the node name that started the session is not attached to the session ID(jvmRoute is set with the node name). Though the session replication works I feel this is not the way it should work. Am I missing some configuration here?

      When I remove the distributable from the web.xml, it always hits only one node.

      My environment - Jobss 4.2.2 GA, JDK1.5, Windows XP, Apache HTTP Server 2.2.8, mod_jk, two nodes configured to run on the same machine.

      I have another question, when I run the same setup on a Windows Vista operating system, the session replication doesnt work at all. Although clustering works fine.