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    Tree: Qn. related to Rendering of the tree.

    Novin Newbie

      Hi Friends,

      I m new to richfaces tree.

      I have following query?

      Suppose I implement a "ajax" switch-type tree. When User will click on any of the node do the entire tree will be re-rendered or only the selected node and child node of the tree in the response?

      if it render the entire tree again then is there any way to rerender a partricular node?

      if its only rerender a partricular node then will be able to solve my edge old problem.

      Bcas Prior to richfaces I was using myfaces tree2 but problem which I was facing was in server side tree2 when i click on any of the node it create the child node and rerendered the whole tree which take 2 to3 minutes when data is more bcas the it creates lots of html code for the entired tree.