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    clustering best practices

    Riccardo Pasquini Novice


      i'm going tol design and develop an application under Jboss 4.2.2 that's required to be distributable over a jboss cluster

      i've read (mmm read... not studied...) the clustering guide but i've still some questions:

      is there some guide about best practices?

      where should the datasource be deployed? in the 'deploy' or 'has-singleton' directory?
      if the deploy should be done in the 'deploy' directory... must the datasource be a XA datasource?

      which are the key points in the configuration of the persistence unit in persistence.xml JPA config file?

      which is the behavior of the timer service? is it singleton in the all configuration or every node has its scheduler? will it be handled by a stateless bean deployed as singleton?

      thank you in advance
      every hint will be greatly appreciated