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    setting up a jboss as proxy for routing HTTP requests to jbo

    kris O' hary Newbie

      I have been working on jbos cluster from past 2 years. I already have a setup where apache as a front end to jboss cluster with mod_jk2. Now because of some reasons I need to remove the apache and I want to shift the load balancer from mod_jk to jboss.

      Basically when I have mod_jk, the load balancing is done by apache in round-robin fashion. But the jboss has four load scheduling algorithms which are being hidden when I use apache as a front-end. So for this reason I need to remove the apache and make jboss as a proxy for routing HTTP requests.

      I am not able to find the documentation for how to set up this architecture. Please reply me with the procedure of how to do this.

      A jboss cluster with n nodes
      A jboss server acts as a proxy for routing the HTTP requests.
      This proxy should use the load balancing techniques(Round-Robin, Random-Robin, etc.,) that are defined by jboss for routing the HTTP requests.

      Thanks in advance.