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    The host Header in Jboss

    Rodrigo Martinez Heredia Newbie

      Hi everyone!! Im new in this forum so I am not sure if it is the correct forum, and I dont know if Jboss has a solution to my doubt, well, I have a Jboss Server in my job to make some services, and I would like to know if I can make that the Jboss Server can keep displayed the URL by entering an URL like www.mycompany.com, this is because when I access to these services in the URL it displays the IP direction like this:

      But when in a URL we insert "www.mycompany.com" the server has the configuration to redirect to those applications but as I mentioned before it shows the IP direction instead of the Domain.

      Is there a way that the Jboss Server shows in the URL like this: "www.mycompany.com/application/index" instead of ??? or Do I need the IIS manager to make this possible??

      Thanks for all the Support