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    HTTP session replication only is enough?

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      I am new to JBoss Clustering. I want to deploy a cluster of JBoss AS for an app written using the Seam framework. What I have in mind is to use sticky http session provided by mod_jk or haproxy. In order to avoid having user to login again due to node failure, I will configure HTTP session to be replicated across the cluster nodes. Since the application also consists of EJB3 entity and SFSBs, my question is whether I also need to cluster EJB3 components (entity and SFSB)?

      Having only HTTP session replication is enough to achieve what I stated above?

      In addition, which software load balancer do you prefer, mod_jk or haproxy? It seems to me haproxy is a little bit lighter in weight than mod_jk which requires Apache sitting in front. What do you think?

      Thank you.