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    Jboss throws ERROR on deploying war file in HASingleton mode

    Aniruddha Singh Newbie

      I am new to Jboss, so I expect that I have missed something in configuration. So please do help me because your 5 min. will save my days.

      The war file, I am doploying, has nothing to do with JMS.

      1- took virgine Jboss setup in two different nodes with different IPs say IP1 and IP2 with port 8080.
      2- placed my war file in jboss-4.2.2.GA\server\all\deploy-hasingleton directory.
      3- added the following dependency in $JBOSS_HOME/server/all/deploy/deploy-hasingleton-service.xml in BarrierController MBean.
      jboss.ha:service=HASingletonDeployer, type=Barrier
      4- started jboss, using "run -c all -b IP1" on node1 and "run -c all -b IP2" on node2.

      1- I get an ERROR on Jboss console.
      16:27:17,192 ERROR [URLDeploymentScanner] Incomplete Deployment listing:

      --- MBeans waiting for other MBeans ---
      ObjectName: jboss.ha:service=HASingletonDeployer,type=BarrierController
      State: CONFIGURED
      I Depend On:

      ObjectName: jboss.ha:service=HASingletonDeployer,type=Barrier
      Depends On Me:

      2-Although I am able to access the web application from browser, but I am sure that the cluster is not in HASingleton mode (one master and rest standby) since I can run application by using both http://IP1:8080/<app name>/ for node 1 and http://IP2:8080/<app name>/ for node 2. And if I shut down an instance of JBoss then corresponding URL down not work.

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          Daniel Yazbek Newbie

          I'm no JBoss expert, but i deployed a MDB with the HASingletonDeployer of Barrier type.

          In my situation, I was deploying to the farm directory, but did not want to have to make a totally separate war file that just contained the single MDB (to be deployed as a HASingleton) so, I put this config under the MDB's entry in jboss.xml. I think in this situation, it is valid to put the XML you describe into jboss.xml

          In your situation, I think you can just deploy to the deploy-hasingleton directory without having to configure anything, and it should just work...

          Try undo your changes to deploy-hasingleton-service.xml and deploy to the deploy-hasingleton dir.

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            Aniruddha Singh Newbie

            Thanks dyazbek,

            yes it works irrespective of whether I add the dependency on barrier or not.
            but if I add the dependency, there is an error at Jboss starts up, which I guess might be because of some configuration problem, but application is accessible through browser.

            ok so I decide to ignore this problem, but you have any soln to avoid this ERROR... please provide your inputs.

            now moving on to the next step...
            jboss in all the nodes (say 2) was started using "run -c all -b" so each instance is bound to the corresponding IP. meaning to say is instance on node 1 is bound to IP1 and instance of node2 is bound to IP2.

            Now say node 1 is master, the application is accessible on http://<IP1>:8080/<app name>/ not on http://<IP2>:8080/<app name>/

            and if node 2 is master, the application is accessible on
            http://<IP2>:8080/<app name>/ not on http://<IP1>:8080/<app name>/

            As a user of the application, I should not be bothered about what is the master node's IP. there should a domain name or IP for that applicaiton and application should be accessible through that IP or domain name irrespective of which node is Master.
            So is there any way to configure the IP/domain name, which sheilds user from all this switching from Master to standby and vice-varsa.