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    Custom implementation of FirstAvailable Load Balancing Polic

    Daniel Ramos Newbie


      I'm trying to create a simple Jboss cluster with 2 nodes running JBoss 3.2.4 with the farming service activated, but I have a lot of legacy restrictions.

      The load balancing policy I need to use is the FirstAvailable, but I need some enhancements.

      The FirstAvilable documentation says:

      One of the available target nodes is elected as the main target and is used for every call: this elected member is randomly chosen from the list of members in the cluster. When the list of target nodes changes (because a node starts or dies), the policy will re-elect a target node unless the currently elected node is still available. Each client-side interceptor or load balancer elects its own target node independently of the other proxies.

      This behaviour is perfect for my cluster except for one thing. I need some of this enhancements:

      Option 1) When the list of target nodes changes, the policy re-elect ALWAYS a target node

      Option 2)The policy re-elect a target node every X timeout

      Does anyboy know how could I do this?

      I tried storing a session time in my custom policy re-implementing the writeExternal and readExternal methods from LoadBalancePolicyEx unsuccessfully.

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