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    Session Replication and Sticky Session

    Jack van Ooststroom Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.3.GA on two nodes and Apache 2.2 on a separate node. I'm trying to have both session replication and sticky session to work at the same time, but so far without success.

      I started to configure my setup for sticky session alone, by adding the jvmRoute attribute to the Engine tag on each JBoss node. I configured my Apache's load balancer accordingly. Testing this setup showed that sticky sessions works fine: I see the jvmRoute attribute value nicely appended to each JSESSIONID, and Apache is making sure the sticky part works.

      Then I continued to configure my setup throwing session replication in the mix. I added to my application's web.xml and created the additional jboss-web.xml as follows:


      I verified that session replication works with this setup. However, the jvmRoute attribute value is not being appended to the JSESSIONID anymore, thus losing the stickyness.

      My application is just a simple test servlet that returns the IP address of the node that handled the request, the JSESSIONID associated with the current session, and a counter which is stored into the session and gets incremented with each incoming request associated with that session. It doesn't use any kind of framework. It's just a simple servlet.

      What am I missing here?