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    Failover on Lookup via HTTP

    Gert Kropiunik Newbie

      Hi all,

      We have set up a JBoss cluster with 2 nodes and use RMI to communicate between the EJB client and the server. Now I managed to change all the communication between server and client to HTTP. Most of the things work fine except the HA JNDI Lookup.

      With RMI I get a Proxy Object (HARMIClient) when doing lookups from the Server that is aware of all the cluster members and does automatically failover if one of the nodes is not reachable.

      If I am using HTTP for lookups (via the NamingFactoryServlet) I of course get another proxy object from the server (HttpInvokerProxy) but it is not aware of all the cluster members and does not perform any failover although I do a HAJNDI lookup (http://xxxxx:8080/invoker/HAJNDIFactory).

      Now my question: Is there a possibility to get a cluster aware HTTPInvokerProxy just like the HARMIClient with built in failover support or do i have to implement the failover for HTTP lookups myself? My implementetion could never be as good as the JBoss implementation because I could only provide a list of servers but never update the list of target servers just like the HARMIClient does if the cluster changes over time.

      Thanks, Gert