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    Farm Service in AS 5

    John Davison Newbie

      I can't figure out how to deploy to an AS 5 cluster. Using 5.0.0.CR2.

      At the bottom of the Major Clustering Changes in JBoss AS 5 Wiki it states that the farm service is removed. It says it will "eventually be handled by the AS 5 Profile Service". It doesn't provide any links to any other documentation to show what replaces it, or any alternative ways. Does anyone have a link that shows hows to deploy to a cluster in AS 5?

      It seems as though all the documentation, even the one marked for AS 5, keeps referring to the farm service even though it's been removed.

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          Brian Stansberry Master

          Your best bet for deploying to a cluster is to use a script to copy the deployments to your nodes. The old farm service largely amounted to that anyway. The old farm service isn't conceptually compatible with the AS 5 profile service, but the profile-service based replacement won't be ready for 5.0.0.

          I'll get the docs corrected; thanks for pointing that out.