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    Stress test of jboss clustering

    Yong Zhang Newbie

      1. JBoss 4.2.2.
      2. Clustered Stateful Session Bean

      We are trying to do some stress tests on JBoss clustering with load balancing:
      1. The virtual users are created using java threads.
      2. Each thread represents one virtual user and does its own JNDI lookup of the EJB home.
      However, it seems that the load balancing does not work with threads where all virtual users (threads) connect to the same jboss node.

      If this is an issue with java threads, another thought(have not tried yet) is to use java ProcessBuilder to create multiple processes, and each sub-process is used as a virtual user, will this be a workable approach?

      Does anyone have any experience on this? anyone from JBoss? Thanks a lot.