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    <b> A serious problem with Tomcat -  JBoss - Log4j-1.2.15 </

    chicken chicken Newbie

      Dear all

      I am running JBoss Application Server 4.3.0 and Log4j-1.2.15 for my application.
      every times I reload my application by modifying the web.xml My application is down.
      looking for in the server.log file i get the error message:
      "log4j:ERROR LogMananger.repositorySelector was null likely due to error in class reloading, using NOPLoggerRepository"

      although the application reloads well but every times I access my web pages that use a Log4j object I get the an error message and the Log4j object always return null object!
      I also study this problem on some links such as
      but I could not solve the problem.
      if you have experience with this problem, please help me to solve it.

      Thanks in advance!