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    TomcatClusteringCache & Session replication

    sachin mishra Newbie

      I am using Jboss 4.2.3 and jboss-portal-ha.sar 2.6 in a clustered environment where i have 2 nodes.

      I have WebMUX load balancer infront of the jboss nodes.

      When i access my portlet application , i can see the session replication details in the jTomcatClusteringCache is present in both the nodes with the same sessionid.

      Onces i shut down the node that was handling the request before, i expect the another node to take over and continue from where it was left. This doesn't seem to happen.
      When call getPortletSession(false) in the another node, it returns null. For some reason portlet is not able to access the Session it suppose to.

      The Tomcat cache looks like this onces the other node was shut down:



      VERSION: 47
      f4oMmaFoWGJfhI8PsN-C8g**: [B@173cf45


      VERSION: 16
      f4oMmaFoWGJfhI8PsN-C8g**: [B@2cf42d



      key: []

      key: org.jboss.web.tomcat.service.sso.TreeCacheSSOClusterManager$SSOCredentials@11addf0

      Session id that should contain the object is present in the cache f4oMmaFoWGJfhI8PsN-C8g** but the object i expect to be in there is null.


      i have




      Any help will be appreciated.