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    Datasource configuration when not using JBoss clustering

    Richard Taylor Newbie

      We've got two JBoss 4.2.3 servers behind a load balancer, non clustered (in terms of JBoss clustering), not aware of each other, but serving up the same web application for load balancing / failover reasons. Each JBoss instance is using EJB3, the EJB3 timer service and JMS (again these services are NOT clustered and don't care about the other JBoss instances). The only state we have is written to our database, not replicated between the instances at all.

      Can both of these JBoss 4.2.3 instance's DefaultDS safely point to the same database (i.e. "jbossdb" database in MySQL 5)? Or does each JBoss instance need it's own database in MySQL?

      Richard Taylor