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    jboss deploying issue - (while the service is up)

    Charith De Silva Newbie

      Hi Im kind of new to clustering. Please let me know if I can assign one node as Jboss coordinator where the other nodes always refer to that node for configuration.

      My requirement
      I have two nodes cluster (Lets say node A and B) and application is deployed under /farm. There are instances where i need to upgrade my EAR located in /farm with out service interruption. Therefore I shut down node A (while node B gives uninterrupted service to my clients) and upgrade EAR file inside /farm and startup. When the node A is up eventually i realized my old EAR has copied back to node A from node B. Therefore i had to restart both cluster nodes (with service interruption) in order to upgrade my application. I understand it takes the configuration from the node that exists for longest time. But as of for my requirement i need to configure whether to read it from other node or not. I heard if I can configure jboss coordinator it will be ok. But if any one knows how to do that or better solution for this please reply back.

      If you can let me know a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

      Charith de Silva

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          erkin kanlioglu Newbie

          Hi Chades

          Have you tried to create passive - active clustering?

          You can do that with 2 physical nodes or 4 nodes.

          If it is 2 physical nodes, you need to 1 active and 1 passive jboss instance on the same node.

          So you will have 2 cluster --> Active to Active
          Passive to Passive

          When you need update, you can update on passive cluster, then change load balancer setting to use that cluster. So passive will be start serving. (being active)
          Old version of the code on old active will be not be in use anymore.

          If there are 4 nodes, you can apply same thing.
          2 cluster both of them are serving for traffic. Change Load balancer setting to use one cluster when you want to update. Update the cluster you took out and change load balancer setting to use that cluster.

          I hope it make sense.