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    Issue with Session Replication in JBOSS clustered Environmen

    sk mishra Newbie

      Hi ,
      I have successfully set up with the jboss clustered environment locally for 2 nodes, node1 and node2. I m trying to do the session replication for one of my app. I did the following things :

      JBOSS version :4.3.0.GA
      Apache HTTP server: 2.0

      web.xml: entry of
      jboss-web.xml : <replication-config>

      problem : I did the following:
      1) Open the browser and hitting the appache web server :
      2) This will hit either node1 or node2 cluster environment and make the app up.
      3) From the jk status i found that the request hit the node1.
      4) I then clicked some link in web app and mean time i tried to shutdown the node1.
      5) In this case sometimes the pages hangs and sometimes page can't be displayed comes.
      6) Seems once the request submits to node1 and it was down after that, the response part won't migrate to the node2.

      For this case, can anyone help me. Please let me know if any more information i can provide.