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    build using 32-bit Sun 1.5 JDK in windows and deploy in 32-b

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Is there any potential problems associated with building/compiling my Java classes with Sun JDK 1.5 for my EE (Seam) app into an EAR and deploying on 32-bit Windows OS JBoss AS dev box using 32-bit Windows JDK 1.5 runtime (JVM) and then deploying the same EAR into 32-bit RHEL OS JBoss AS (UAT/QA box)?

      The dev envmt is not clustered and the UAT RHEL envmt is a 2 node horizontal cluster without state replication (only mod_jk load balancing and failover).

      Perhaps the entity (and other) classes that implement java.io.Serializable will have issues?

      Is it advisable to do another build for the RHEL envmt using Sun JDK 1.5 for Linux 32-bit platform or am I safe going this route?