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    Problem for JNDI database connection pooling

    liangfa lei Newbie


      I hava an app which runs on JBoss 4.* with the JNDI connection datasource pooling named testDs,and sometimes it does not work.At that time I view the "jboss.system"-"type=ServerInfo" in jmx-console,invoke the "java.lang.String listThreadDump()" operation button and find there are several BLOCKING state threads which indicate they are blocking in getting datasource connection.

      In the meantime,i try to view "jboss.jca"-"name=testDs,service=ManagedConnectionPool" in jmx-console,but find there is no response when i click that link,which means i could't access the attribute page for the testDs connection pooling.When i restart the JBoss,it works.Anybody knows how this happened? What lead to the connnection pooling attribute page can't be accessible?

      Your reply will by most appreciated.