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    Reopen Bug RF-371? slider: the marker is outside the ruler i

    Martin Winandy Newbie


      In June I have posted a bug that the marker of the InputNumberSlider is outside the ruler in Firefox if the slider is disabled. Unfortunately the bug was irreproducible, but on my machine the bug is still there. Therefore I have analyzed my environment to exact the cause for the bug. And I have found it.

      The most web servers send as type for HTML and XHTML files ?text/html?. But Tomcat 6 sends per default as type for XHTML files the type ?application/xhtml+xml?. Firefox seems to have trouble with this type and places the marker of the slider outside of the ruler.

      This behavior can be very easily tested without Tomcat. Therefore you have to save a page from your web server with a slider to a local file. If you change the file extension to ?.html?, you will see the marker on the correct place. But if you change the file extension to ?.xhtml?, the marker will be placed outside of the ruler.

      I have uploaded are WAR file for a web server and a ZIP file with a rendered XHTML file and HTML file (the content of both files is 100% the same).

      Password: plyz63PL

      I think the bug will be reproducible now. Is it possible to reopen RF-371 (http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/RF-371)?