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    shutting down cluster node causes massive memory usage in ot

    Nikolay Elenkov Newbie

      We have a two-node JBoss cluster (eap-4.2_cp06) with session and SFSB replication enabled. Apache with mod_jk does load balancing and failover,
      with sticky sessions. This set up is working with no problems most of the time.

      Due to some problems with an application (memory leaks), at some point one of the nodes (n1) needs to be restarted. In theory, since the other node (n2) is operational (memory usage is normal), we should be able to restart n1 while n2 is serving requests. However once n1 is stopped, n2's memory usage goes through the roof and doesn't stabilize. Eventually, n2 needs to be restarted as well.

      I've yet to get logs and more detailed data, but any pointers as what could be causing this or how to debug it?