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    Sending JMX notifications to all nodes in a cluster

    Himanshu Seth Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am using JBoss 4.2.3

      I am trying to get JMX notifications working on a cluster. I have created two different classes
      The class that sends a notification

      import javax.management.*;
      import org.jboss.ha.jmx.HAServiceMBean;
      import org.jboss.ha.jmx.HAServiceMBeanSupport;
      public class LayoutMBean
       extends HAServiceMBeanSupport implements HAServiceMBean {
       private long sequenceNumber = 1;
       private Layout layout;
       public void setLayout(Layout layout) {
       this.layout = layout;
       public Layout getLayout() {
       return this.layout;
       public void syncLayouts() throws Exception {
       System.out.println("Sending Notification");
       Notification n =
       new Notification(
       "All Layouts have been synced");
       System.out.println("Notification Sent.......");

      A NotificationListener
      import javax.management.*;
      public class LayoutNotificationListener implements NotificationListener {
       public void handleNotification (Notification notification, Object handback) {
       System.out.println("Notifictaion Recieved...........");

      I have a spring configuration to define object of both the NotificationSender and NotificationListener(layoutMBean and layoutNotificationListener respectively)

      On Application start-up, I add a listener by the following code
      LayoutMBean layoutMBean = ctx.getBean("layoutMBean")
      LayoutNotifictionListener layoutNotifictionListener = ctx.getBean("layoutNotifictionListener")
      layoutMBean.addNotificationListener(layoutNotifictionListener, null, null)

      When I deploy this application on the cluster, notifications are not being received by other nodes in the cluster, i.e., just the node that generated the notification receives it
      I expected that the notification send by one of the nodes will be received by all other listeners in the cluster. What am I missing here?

      Thanks in advance

      ~~Himanshu Seth~~