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    Session Replication on separate machines

    Davide Cerbo Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am trying to deploy a simple web application to test session replication on separate machines with JBoss 5 AS.
      I have developed my application on one computer and I have tryed the cluster starting two istances with following commands:
      > sh run.sh -c node1
      > sh run.sh -c node2 -Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-01 -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=1
      (Node1 and node2 is a copy of the "all" folder)

      And all works fine.

      After I have copied the Jboss folder to anothe PC and I have tryed to start the nodes with following commands:
      > ./run.sh -c node1 -g DocsPartition -b -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=1 -Djboss.default.jgroups.stack=tcp -Djgroups.tcpping.initial_hosts=,
      > ./run.sh -c node1 -g DocsPartition -b -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=2 -Djboss.default.jgroups.stack=tcp -Djgroups.tcpping.initial_hosts=,
      (Node1 is a copy of the "all" folder)

      The two instances starts sucefully, but the session is not replicated across the machines.
      When node2 starts I see this in log of node1:
      12:30:35,872 INFO [DocsPartition] I am ( received
      membershipChanged event:
      12:30:35,872 INFO [DocsPartition] Dead members: 0 ([])
      12:30:35,872 INFO [DocsPartition] New Members : 1 ([])
      12:30:35,872 INFO [DocsPartition] All Members : 2
      12:30:36,249 INFO [RPCManagerImpl] Received new cluster view:
      [|9] [,]
      12:30:50,837 INFO [GroupMember]
      got new view [|9] [,], old view is [|8]
      12:30:50,837 INFO [GroupMember] I am (
      12:30:50,837 INFO [GroupMember] New Members : 1 ([])
      12:30:50,837 INFO [GroupMember] All Members : 2
      12:31:01,207 INFO [RPCManagerImpl] Received new cluster view:
      [|3] [,]

      I don't configure any load balancer because I don't need it in this test.

      What I wrong?
      Some people can help me, please?
      If you need other details please contact me.
      Thansk a lot to all.