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    Another (Good!) Application Idea

    Peter Shillan Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      I have been looking around for a few serverside web utilities that are genuinely free and open source for things like webmail reading, calander, forums, bulletin boards etc and I think what's out there is woefully short. Jive (which I am using *now* and is very good) makes you jump through hoops for non-commercial licence, JSOS (http://www.servletsuite.com) is rather... well... basic. What I'd like to do is develop something akin to the JSOS suite of applications using Struts/JBoss etc.

      I think this would fit our needs perfectly

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          Peter Shillan Newbie

          Ooops... hit send too soon... :">

          It would allow us to have lots of little components we could get people to build in complete isolation without dependencies and we could continue as far as we wanted to go... i.e. add a bugzilla style tracking system (note: not just for bugs... could be UPS style parcel/order tracker) etc.

          It has all the requirements for security, database, EJB, Struts etc we could want and it will also provide JBoss with an "out of the box" set of really useful applications that can also act as best practise. The grant application idea is useful, but if you bundle it with JBoss, how many people will get use out of it who are going to download it?



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            krypton Novice

            i am not sure if this is the right place to post, but what about these ideas below. I am developing some of them on my own ( still on the drawing board but its a start )

            1. A replication system. This could be used to move assets (images, videos etc) between farms. In addition these assets would need to be monitored - ie their lifetime etc. I have build this system previously but without an application server. Using jboss how ? EJB's to persist asset info, use the scheduler, use session ejbs for client queries etc etc. This can become even more interesting when providing xml repositories and object repositories when combined with JavaSpaces.

            2. Building on Javaspaces we can provide Jboss with the ability for object versioning ( c# apparently has object versioning - i may be wrong ) - This is very useful. But there is much to do with classloading and the unbinding and rebinding (so to speak) of classes.

            Ok so i am no heavy compared to all you wizzards, but i hope maybe people can provide some reasons to persue or not to.

            Anyway, hope this encourages some thoughts.


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              Matthew Kennedy Newbie


              Though this project is not an J2EE project, it has already modeled the workflow items you mentioned in software. ie. (form the GNUE page) HR, accounting, customer relationship management, project management, supply chain management and e-commerce. I suppose you could use the requirements they have gathered there trhough time, in an EJB framework.