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    Reconstruction of J2EE-based system architectures

    Jason Baragry Newbie


      I'm trying to apply some of the recent research techniques of software architecture recovery to J2EE technology but I need some help to make sure its as useful as possible.

      The plan is to first represent systems using the JSR 26 spec (UML/EJB Mapping Specification) plus relevant aspects of the UML profiles for EDOC and EAI. Then to use different techniques to make the diagrams more readable. That is, turn a diagram with potentially hundreds of classes on it into something that shows a lot fewer architecture components, patterns, etc - which hopefully will be easier to read/understand/use.

      The main problem is what to show when you go from low level details to higher level architecture. So, would you find such an architecture recovery tool useful? and What would you use such a tool for (or what would you like to see in the architecture representation of a J2EE-based system)?

      thanks for any help.

      Jason Baragry
      Distributed Systems and Software Engineering Research Norwegian Computing Center.