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    Help me design this..

    mohamed zafer Newbie

      Hello Guys,

      I am currently involved in developing a caching component, that will have the following features,

      1. During startup load all the config data(from XML files) into memory.

      2. There are a few objects which are used by many components, hence I need to cache them... The caching component should hold these components.

      3. The cached data should be easily accesible, for example if I want to get address of a resource, I should be able get it as simple as "Cache.get(myresource)"

      4. When the system is up and running, there is a possibility that a part of the config data(xml files) are modified. These should be reflected in the cache, without involving any restart of the system.

      5. It should be independent of any container or appserver

      I need inputs on how to develop the above component.

      Mohamed Zafer