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    Scalability of JBoss Client Proxies

    Christoph Newbie

      I was wondering if JBoss' nice Dynamic Proxy approach is still scaling well for applications that need lots of bean references on client side.

      "Fat Clients" aren't dead, IMHO. There are several fields of distributed applications where EJB makes sense as a middleware framework but clients have too dynamic requirements to code them as web apps.

      In this connection, I was wondering about the amount of data JBoss sending to a client obtaining a remote interface of a bean: ClientContainer, Interceptors, JRMPInvokerProxy, JRMPInvoker_Stub... all of them containing information about their internal state...

      I haven't done any profiling yet but it seems to me like this could become a scalability issue.

      Does anyone have experiences in that field / any comments?