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    Applying the EJBHomeFactory Pattern in jboss

    Prashant Patel Newbie

      How do you configure the EJBHomeFactory pattern from the "Ejb Design Pattern" in jboss

      i have a ref the local account entity in my session facade which is remote works well when
      doing a lookup with a getAccountLocalHome() method which lookups with "ejb/accountLocalHome"
      as a <ejb-local-ref> after applying the pattern made the following changes.

      <!-- <ejb-ref-name>ejb/accountLocalHome</ejb-ref-name> -->

      LocalAccountHome is the Home class Full name. According to the pattern you require to have
      ejb-ref in jboss.xml this is my jboss.xml.

      <!-- <jndi-name>AccountSession</jndi-name> -->

      the ejb-jar.xml contains <ejb-local-ref> but jboss.dtd does not have a <ejb-local-ref>
      so it give an error while deploying. It work for remote refrence but how to get it working with
      local ejb's.

      Also i cant use the second method that is with jndi name as parameter which should accept
      "ejb/accountLocalHome" <local-ref-name> in ejb-jar.xml it say the ref is not bound to the
      factory class so i end up using the original jndi name in jboss.xml that is what i dont want to

      how to use the EJBHomeFactory pattern in jboss for b2b lookups.