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    CMR fields, value objects in Controller layer??

    Roland Chan Newbie


      I'm relatively new to CMP 2.0 and have recently migrated existing relationship code to now use CMR from our own relationship framework which we are abandoning.

      With CMR field accessors we are now returned local ejb objects representing the related entity, if for example I have a line items entity with a relationship to an order entity, what is the best practice/pattern to get the order id out of a line items value object in the controller layer? Or maybe my question should be what is the best way to create CMR fields in value objects?

      Is it a matter of getting the local object and accessing it members directly? The reason I ask is because I pass value objects to my controller layer via a business delegate. These value objects previously new nothing about my model. Isn't accessing the local ejb object bad form from the controller?

      Please feel free to rip me to bits on this one. I'd really appreciate some guidance here as I think I probably am missing something very fundamental.