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    Special case of session facade!

    Milena Newbie

      I have a propblem managing transactions..
      I need an ejb architecture alowing execution of different instances of an EntityBean in different transactions.
      The entity has a Integer field and ID. I'm receiving JMS messages saying something like "You should set value 13 to bean with ID 110", the next says something about changing the value of another bean etc..The messages for the different beans are received asynchroniously an I should execute update methods for each bean inside different transaction.

      I suppose the sollution is somethimg like session facade, i.e creating session bean instances and caching them, each instance takes care of a single entity bean, and so each entity bean would run in the parent transaction (the session bean tx).

      So has anyone an idea is that structure ok and what exactly should be the transaction params for the two kind of beans like?
      Thanx in advance!