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    SessionBean or Plain Java Class

    Wallace Zou Newbie

      In a EJB solution, one business logic EJB(SessionBean) want to get a data-processing work done, there are two options:

      1) Create another session bean to perform this task, the main logic EJB will locate, create local interface then invoke a method.

      2) Create a Plain Java Class with a logic method, the lord EJB then directly create the object of the class then invoke the method.

      I am confusing this concern, I don't know which one can give us a achievement in performance.

      Thanks for your reploy,


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          Joel Vogt Master

          Probably neither is going to greatly effect your performance. I would expect the actual logic processing will hide any performance differences anyways.
          You might want to try having a java class that handles all changes to your model state. It then can delegate calls to other logic classes, scripts, stored procedures etc either via an event model or reflection