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    About JBoss cache management?

    GeoffreyRen Newbie

      I want to ask a question about the jboss cache management.
      I access the entity bean's "get" method very time.If the entity bean had been loaded wheather the jboss reload the data from the database very time or directly get the data from cache.I think the performance is low if the contianer reload data from DB every time.

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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          This is configurable in JBoss using the infamous commit options, A, B, C, D. You can read up on the 1st three in the J2EE spec, or get a good J2EE book. D is specific to JBoss. You can also read up on them in JBoss CMP for pay guide. They are configured in standardjboss.xml for JBoss 3.0 and in jboss.xml for JBoss 2.x series.