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    Timers in the J2EE environment...

    Holger (David) Wagner Newbie

      I'm pretty new to J2EE, so please excuse my inexperience.

      I was wondering what is the best way of repeating a certain task (e.g. calling a session bean that does something for you) *within* the J2EE environment. I know that J2EE doesn't really support multithreading - but what about a Thread just triggering something else?

      With Tomcat, I simply start a Timer from init() of a servlet that is loaded at startup. Would that be considered "bad style" or is that the way to go about it (possibly also in JBoss)?

      Also, I've read that in J2EE 1.4 a Timer service is included - which may solve that problem smoothly. When may that be available in JBoss?