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    User activity tracking pattern ?

    nat Newbie

      Hi There,

      I am planning on implementing a tracking system for the users on the JBoss application I'm developing. For EntityBean, I am storing additional fields for creation timestamp and last modified timestamp. I also want to put some kind of functionality into EJBStore and similar bean life cycle methods to write to another table a record of the action that was performed and who performed it.

      For example I would have a table with the following columns:
      Userid, Timestamp, tablename, objectid, description_of_action_performed

      whenever a user updates a record, a row is inserted into this database recording the action. This data can be reviewed by an administrator.

      my question is 2 part:
      a) are there methods available to an Entity Bean to find out who is the user/session who is operating on it ?

      b) has anyone implemented something like this and do they have any general tips or patterns for it ?