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    In browser processes  with RPC-like use of Struts framework

    Noel Rocher Apprentice

      Hi all,

      What is really disappointed me is that if we want to remember a list with webapps we have two "bad" choices :

      1) - caching the list in the server side and then we should implement a cache manager. And of course we should take care of the total amount of memory used. Bigger the server is bigger and numerous could be the lists.

      2) - just remember the selection criteria and retreive data each time it's needed.

      Any way you choose and any smart your server side is, the problem is that you transmit your lists (or part of it) each time it's necessary.

      I believe that in several cases you can use the client resources to do some cache work that will ease the server and the network.

      The problem is : with a request/response protocol how to send a request that will not generate a response ? This is what's you sometimes need to just say "add this data" to the server side.

      Any comment ?