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    Why have this error: get jboss-ejb.xml file using XDoclet

    utf8 Newbie

      My Java source code has some chinese word, I can compile it in jbuilder, I want to make ejb-jboss.xml file with XDoclet(1.2.0 Beta/jdk1.3) it will thrown the following error message, can u tell me how I can do?
      Thank u very much.

      [echo] | R U N N I N G E J B D O C L E T |
      [echo] | |
      [echo] +---------------------------------------------------+
      [ejbdoclet] Running
      [ejbdoclet] Error parsing File D:\appserver\xdoclet-bin-1.2b2\samples\src\ja
      :Lexical error: xjavadoc.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 48, column 57. En
      countered: "\u0085" (133), after : "\"\u4f60\u8fd8\u6ca1\u6709\u767b\u5f55\uff0c