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    Can CMP handle this scenario?

    man99 Newbie

      I have relatively trivial scenario to implement but cannot figure if it is even possible to do that using EJB-CMP.
      I have user table - that is both actor and director . Actor can create many profiles and directors can search them and if they like what they see they can save profiles in their "online directories". So far no problem I know how to do this. Trouble start when actor desides to delete/remove his profile/s . To just remove is still ok...but director needs to have all profiles even if there were deleted by actor - and notice that profile was removed by actor should be issued Basically actor can "physically" delete profile only if not other director already saved it - ortherwise profile would be deleted by "last" referencing director. I have plain SQL implementation and that works - but really dont have that much CMP exp to even forsee if this can be done......any comments would be welcome.....