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    How to reload the main page when we using modal panel

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice

      i get the user name on my modal panel, and i validate it, if the user name is in not form then i display the validation error on the modal panel.
      so here i want to prevent to hide the modal panel when i submit the form, so i use the ajax command button and ajax output panel on my modal panel, so the page will not reload, i can display the validation error on my modal panel.
      but if the user name in valid form i am going to display on the main page. because ajax will not reload the page, so in my page the user name will not be displayed, if i reload the page it will display the user name .
      i try onclick="submit()" script with ajax button, its works fine, but i am not get the validation error, because the form will be submit here, so how to resolve this problem, please any one help me