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    Real-time systems : any practices ?

    danka Newbie

      Dear colleagues ,

      We are proceeding to the development of scalable distributed system. The system is going to deal with high-speed message traffic, and required to provide real-time message delivery from multiple sources to multiple destinations.

      Java is already a need for this project, because some components should be supported on various OSes, including also portable and mobile devices.

      Still open question for us is whether to use J2EE platform to solve this task, or develop the system
      with "simple" Java. Considering numerous J2EE advantages (JMS as ready-to-use messaging service, security issues,etc.), we also take into account some possible difficulties.
      As we are new to J2EE and JBoss, your opinion on the following questions will be greatly appreciated :

      Do you know successfully designed and developed real-time message-based systems on J2EE platform ? Using JBoss application server ?

      If yes - are any examples , or design hints, patterns available for such kind of J2EE applications ?

      Thanks in advance and best regards,