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    Designing a new open source CMS ... need to brainstorm

    halflife Newbie

      I am in the early stages of designing a new open source Content Management System ( a la Nukes :).
      The system will have MVC architecture.

      The persistence (M) aspect will be implemented as CMP EJBs in JBoss .

      View (V) aspect will be implemented using some template
      library like freemarker.org

      Now for Controller (C) aspect I see two possibilities:

      1) develop a high level domain (CMS) specific language
      (expressed as XML config or embedded in templates )
      and have a generic engine that processes it.
      Thus a specific fuctionality ( like forum, blog, news )
      will be coded in this language ...
      Then to implement a specific CMS one would need to combine
      modules written in this language and/or modify
      existing configuration.

      2) Code controllers for different functionalities
      ( like forums, news, blogs ) in Java as plug-ins into
      the generic system.
      A specific SMC will be configured by combining
      these plugins and writing additional modules in Java.

      I would like to hear any pros and cons and any
      experiences people might have with the above approaches.

      Thank you !