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    splitting a RichFaces panel vertically or horizontally

    Mark Weatherill Newbie

      Is it possible to introduce a split (vertical or horizontal) into a <rich:panel> component?
      For instance, using Google i have found the following class at URL: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/adf/adffaces/11/doc/multiproject/adf-richclient-api/apidocs/oracle/adf/view/rich/component/rich/layout/RichPanelSplitter.html.
      The class is: oracle.adf.view.rich.component.rich.layout.RichPanelSplitter,
      with the accompanying description:
      "PanelSplitters are used to divide a region into two parts with a repositionable divider. The two parts are identified as the "first" facet and the "second" facet. If the contained component supports it, the contents of a section will stretch to fill up all available space in that section. The panel splitter can be adjusted with the mouse, by pressing a collapse button, or by use of the arrow keys when the splitter is selected. A panel splitter can split horizontally or vertically based on the orientation attribute. If you use an <af:showPrintablePageBehaviorTag> within one of the panes of the splitter, only that pane will be present for printing when the user activates that behavior. If the behavior is outside of the splitter, the printed result will be roughly in line with the normal layout, which may mean that not all content will be visible. It's therefore encouraged to support printing from within any pane of a splitter where printing is important."

      But, there is no equivalent feature described in the RichFaces Developer Guide. Does one exist, or should i implement the above class and bind the result to the jsf panel, i.e. <rich:panel binding = "#{seamBackingBean.boundMethodCall}/>??

      Mark Weatherill.