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    EJB Packaging

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      "elfuhrer" wrote:
      "elfuhrer" wrote:
      I am in the process of creating a J2EE framework using Java open tools, such as Ant, Struts, XDoclet, Maven, Velocity, Hibernate, etc...
      However I have only one minimal problem.
      I have packaged every EJB in a separate JAR file and it has its own web.xml and jbossweb.xml. and then the collection of EJBs are packaged in one EAR file. I have no deployment problems but I just can't make a client call any EJB.
      The solution to this dilemma has been solved through merging all the EJBs together in one JAR file and the deployment descriptors files have been merged accordingly.
      Can anybody help me out in deploying every single JAR file alone in the application?
      Thank you

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          Ivan O. Parra Novice


          "ioparra" wrote:
          "ioparra" wrote:
          A little more information would help. Most importantly, how the failure presents itself.

          From what I understand, you have
          firstweb.war (firstweb context)
          secondweb.war (secondweb context)
          various jars
          and ejbs.ear (with various jar files that are ejb modules)


          If so, you're having classpath issues. If not, I'll need to know more.

          Attach your server.log and I'll "try" to help.