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    Lookup tables and dropdown lists.

    Aaron Rustad Newbie


      "BigCanOfTuna" wrote:
      "BigCanOfTuna" wrote:
      I have a question that I am sure many of you have encountered in the past. What mechanism do I use for lookup tables, and what is the best way to present this data in the view?

      My application is making heavy use of EJBs, and many of the lookup tables have EntityBeans associated with them already for the business logic. Should I be using these for presentation information, or should I look at using something else?

      Your thought on this would be greatly appreciated!

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          apdo Newbie

          I prefer not to send my business object (EJB) to the presentation tier. Otherwise this create a tight coupling between the presentation and business tier.

          What I do is to have a sessionfacade bean (statfull session bean) that get the Entity bean and ask to them to get there value object. (my entity bean has a getVO() method) I then create an array of value objects and return it to the presentation tier.

          In this situation presented, the presentation tier communicate to the sessionfacade.