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    Is there a pattern with JBoss for this kind of problem ?

    samfra Newbie


      I would like to use JBoss for personal reasons and I am trying to see if it is adapted to what I need.

      Imagine the following :

      I have a graph (not a tree, a graph but without any cycle) of "things".
      I would like to put in memory all relations between the things
      I would have for example

      public class Thing {

      private ArrayList myParents;
      private ArrayList myChildren;
      private Object my_property_n1;
      private Object my_property_n2;

      I have about 50,000 things.

      How would be the best solution to use this in JBoss ?? can I do this with EJB's ??

      I don't understand where I can put my static objects. 50,000 things is long to get in memory, so I have to do it just once !!

      Thanks for helping and telling me where I can put this cache level ....