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    Help with MBean

    Alexander Yerenkow Newbie

      Hi all.
      I have a SAR-package as directory, in which are EAR package as directory too.
      in SAR's jboss-service.xml I've put such strng:

      And all goes OK, until I want to undeploy my SAR.
      I try delete it, EAR undeployed successfully, SAR's looks like too, but!
      I cannot delete my.zip after that.
      If i pack my SAR in one file, then all ok, deploy & undeploy.

      Also, in JB4.0.0RC2 when I tried to deploy a EJB-JAR directory,
      a, in which are META-INF and directory with classes, eg com I received message that application.xml is absent, but if I pack this EJB-JAR then all goes ok.

      In JB4.0.0RC1 I was able to deploy both kinds of packages- single files and directories.

      Please, answer me is this behavior correct?