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    App Data Loading in EJB 3.0

    Henrik Johansson Newbie


      I'm new to EJB and especially EJB 3.0 (but then, who isn't?). I am to develop a portable EJB 3.0 application with a web front-end and my question is:

      What is the best practise of loading static data from property files (.properties, .xml, ...) as well as from a database. Should this be done using a stateless session bean? It would be preferrable to avoid unnecessary trips to files and db. The data should be initialized in the bussines tier but should also be reachable / usable by the web tier.

      I have checked out the DataLoader of the DVD Store Demo Application (http://www.jboss.com/docs/demos) and that looks pretty interesting. Is this a good approach? Would it for example be proper for this class to store values in fields once retreived through the DVDManagerBean, or does this break things like scalability?

      Thanks in advance!