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    Software design patterns


      Dear members,

      As part of a research degree, I am conducting an online survey on the use
      of software design patterns within software design projects, especially
      when used within the scope of integrating applications (e.g. web services,
      EAI etc). The aim is to investigate how use of software design patterns can facilitate software reuse and save time and cost with software development
      The study doesn?t assume the use / knowledge of software design patterns as
      a pre-requisite for filling the online survey as we are collecting views of
      software developers with different background and experience.
      Your response would be treated as confidential and the online survey and
      results are anonymous (no name, address ? etc is required).
      All those who completed the survey with valid E-mail address will receive
      copy of the aggregated results and any related publications, though giving
      E-mail is optional.
      The survey is expected to take 5 minutes to complete.
      The link to the online survey is at

      Many thanks for helping with this study.
      Contact details: aof2bns@bolton.ac.uk
      University of Bolton UK( http://www.bolton.ac.uk)
      Project web site (Under construction http://www.integrationsolutions.co.uk