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    how does jBPM deal with J2EE-Patterns?

    Stefan Krecher Newbie

      i'm relativly new to jBPM - UTFSE, forum-browsing, documentation etc did not realy help to solve my "problem":
      i wonder where the instantiation of ProcessDefinitions does fit with the concept of the core J2EE-Patterns, p.e. if i have one JbpmConfiguration and need different ProcessDefinitions.
      Should it be placed in the SessionFacade? So the session could hold the actual state of the process-instance.
      Or would it be the job for the ServiceLocator? But the ServiceLocator seems to deal with ejb-components.
      Do BPM-design-questions fit with the j2ee-pattern-scheme at all?
      Maybe the instantiation should be done via a simple factory or some other GoF-Pattern. If so, sould the factory be realized within a session-bean.
      appreciate or any hints, tips, comments and rants ...